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Developments and Evolutions in Feminist Philosophy of Science

an international online reading group

Feminist philosophy of science is by now an established subdiscipline and feminist approaches are applied across philosophy, history and social studies of science. Some sustained hostility notwithstanding, feminists have transformed both scientific practice and theorizing about science. In this dynamic, we see room for both a canonization and a broadening of what constitutes feminist philosophy of science. This reading group invites researchers who are doing feminist philosophy of science, or feminist philosophy more broadly, to reflect on and explore what feminist philosophy of science is, does, and can be today.

We meet once a month to discuss papers and chapters within feminist philosophy of science, broadly construed. Readings are chosen by consensus from our reading wishlist. Suggestions for what to read are always welcome.

When do we meet?

Usually we meet on the 2nd Friday of the month, 4pm CET.

What do we read?

Current readings are listed in the schedule. You can see a selection of future readings in the reading wish-list.

How can I attend?

We will meet online. Contact us to get on our mailing list and receive zoom links and readings right in your inbox.


Alex Thinius and Rose Trappes.